A New American Dream

Tommy Hilfiger sums up his brand the best with, “We’re about color, we’re about preppy, we’re about classic, we’re about America!” I grew up on Tommy Hilfiger classic flag T-shirts and denim. His brand has always been a staple in my closet. Diving into this collection, I started by researching past Tommy runway shows. I sampled a few from the 90's, the 00's, and some of the more recent collections. I was expecting to find a lot of red, white, and blue, preppy styles, and more recently street wear (And I definitely did). Although his collections are heavily influenced with those elements, Tommy Hilfiger brings current trends, themes, and colors season after season. From rock n roll to motorsport, Tommy isn't afraid to experiment. I found seasonal and trendy patterns, colors, and silhouettes. Through out his career, Tommy has stayed true to his brand.

More recently, Tommy Hilfiger has found a muse in model, Gigi Hadid. Starting with a perfume campaign to a full collaborative collection, Gigi has represented the brand. A few years ago, she posted a photo in a cropped Tommy Hilfiger flag shirt. The photo has inspired many recent looks through out the fashion community.

Through out the seasons at Tommy Hilfiger, a few things have remained the same, his patriotic and American themes and the classic red, white, and blue color scheme. For my inspiration, I wanted to tap into today's American Dream and ideals. Not too long ago, the American Dream could be defined as a white picket fence in the suburbs, 2.5 kids, and a stable Middle Class income. The new generation wants more. Marriage is put off as the new generation pursues a higher education. After four years (or more) and a mountain of student loans, a middle class income just isn't enough. This new generation wants six figures and a career with room for promotions. They aren't settling in their small towns as homeowners. The new generation ventures to new cities and crams into rented apartments. They value travel and adventure over mortgages.

My mood board is a work in progress but I tried to feature elements that represented the new ideals. Polaraid shots of models Gigi Hadid and Winnie Harlow represent Tommy's past muses. Winnie Harlow recently walked in his most recent Tommy NOW Shanghai runway show. The swinging chandelier will be a great element to draw inspiration from, but also represents the next generation's crave for finer things and a larger income. I still need to bring in some navy and blues into it, but I think I am off to an interesting start.

Tommy said it himself, "We are about color!" Well, I definitely tried to prove it. Tommy Hilfiger has a Pinterest page with past season's color boards. I modeled mine after their layout and also could research colors they have used in the past in order to bring something new to the table. I kept the classic red and blue. Neo mint was a WGSN trending color, I included three different shades. Deco pink is a classic color choice for my own designs, so I had to incorporate it. The grayish purple accented the colors well and isn't something Tommy would normally gravitate too. I tried to incorporate colors that were on trend and could blend well with the typical Tommy palette.

I am still developing my fabric selection. I chose denim, shirting, and jersey as that is mostly what Tommy uses. I included a shag fur and metallic netting as specialty fabrics that could elevate the collection. Tommy does a lot of classic sweaters and cardigans, I found a specialty fuzzy knit that could be used to design unique knitwear.

After my research, I think I should focus the development stage on print design and knits. Although Tommy does experiment with silhouette, most of the design is in the details. I will need to pay close attention to my flats this time and possibly show them in different color ways and patterns. I really would like a way to incorporate an animal print into my theme as it is a WGSN trend and would be a fun print design. Do you think I could blend that in with my current aesthetic? Do you think that would stray too far from the Tommy Hilfiger brand?

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