Girl Squad Goals

This week I really dove into my collection and started designing 12 looks. I covered my croquis’ faces with hankercheifs just like the graffiti artist had to hide her identity while declaring herself female.

Although it’s an eveningwear collection, I wanted to give my customer more options than just dresses. Look 2 includes silver highwaisted shorts with a one shoulder top. There is silver embellishments on the top. I could see this look being worn by a young celebrity.

Look 3 incorporates my print design from the last blog post.

Look 5 includes a designed print on the bodice of the dress. The skirt would be physically painted with fabric paint. Although this technique wouldn’t be practical on a mass produced ready to wear collection, I see this being more haute couture.

Look 6 included a skirt I draped. The sides of the bodice would be the cracked glass print from the last blog post.

Looks 7 & 8 came from my experiments with draping. I used long strips and unexpected pleating to create these looks.

Look 9 include the “Hammer Girl” print and “GRL PWR” lettering. The letters are pearl encrusted appliques.

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