Hello! I decided to create a blog to let you all in on my creative process as a designer. As I started searching for inspiration for my upcoming Autumn/Winter Collection, I usually look around me for something to fuel my creativity. After spending a year in Florence, Italy and NYC, I was flowing with ideas. But, it seems that being back in Kent, Ohio has left me in a sort of brain fog or a creative block. I really wanted this collection to tell a story and have a personal connection and I really needed to dig deep to find my source of inspiration for this collection.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, when I saw an article about a street artist. She was fed up with her work being credited to a man, so she decide to go on camera (with her face covered of course because street art is definitely a crime in NYC) and reclaim her art. Although this may seem like an insignificant story, it resonated with me as a women and a minority. Even though she could be arrested, she was so passionate about her art and proud of her femininity she had to clarify who she was.

Shattered is an evening wear collection inspired by street art and all women breaking down those invisible barriers to accomplish their dreams. Women aren't just breaking the glass ceiling. We are shattering it.

The graffiti on my mood board is actually from a fictional show called "Switched at Birth" on ABC Family. "Hammer Girl" is created by the character, Bay Kennish. The image of a small girl in a soft pink dress swinging a sledge hammer worked perfect with my theme. On my mood board, I made the girl seemingly smash a glass wall with a hammer. After attending NYFW, I noticed that chartreuse would be a prominent color in the upcoming seasons. I was careful to choose colors that were both trendy and feminine.

Below are some ideas for print designs. The first print is a section of graffiti from a New York City bridge. I also used a motif of shattered glass and a spray paint splatter. An engineer print with either of these patterns could be really interesting to place on an evening wear gown.

Taking inspiration from "Hammer Girl's" dress, I played with draping tiers, pleats and ruffles.

As I started sketching, I remembered the pearl lettering I found in the garment district. I had the idea to use it to spell out feminist phrases like "Girl Power" or "Infamous." (As well behaved women rarely made history.) I considered using engineered prints or even payettes to create the illusion of shattered glass. I even considered actual paint splatters across my garments.

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